Cloud Control

Ensure proper security and cost controls are part of your cloud strategy, while always searching for ways to optimize the spend on infrastructure-as-a-service.

Within the first two days, we were able to identify instances of unsanctioned usage and misconfigured systems. We were able to save 15-20% of our monthly spend via Avantgarde’s consultants.

Cloud Control

While the paradigm shift to scalable, disposable public cloud infrastructure has greatly increased operational efficiency, new challenges have arisen. Public cloud vendors offer multi-factorial pricing plans that are often designed to socially engineer specific usage patterns of their services.

Understanding and managing to the most optimal usage of these plans is essential for cost efficient operations of public cloud infrastructure.

As the shift to cloud computing continues to gain momentum, individuals responsible for cloud infrastructure are faced with the near impossible task of embracing the advantages of the cloud without giving up the ability to make informed business decisions, while also ensuring security and compliance.

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Keeping Your Web Applications Secure

The biggest issue with web application firewalls (WAFs) is not the technology, but the management of them.

The only thing rivaling the complexity of managing the WAF is the scarcity of capable resources. To effectively manage a WAF, an engineer needs to be a network engineer, systems engineer, security professional, application penetration tester and regulatory compliance expert. Leveraging the lessons learned from dozens of Enterprise deployments, Avantgarde Partners has developed a proprietary methodology that produces effective and measurable results through the operationalization of security technologies.

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Signs You Need Assistance:

  • WAF still in learning or passive mode
  • Your WAF frequently crashes or runs slowly
  • Blocking Mode negatively impacts your business
  • Lack of confidence in your WAF
  • Your team lacks the resources and/or skills to resolve
    the above issues

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