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Four Database Security Practices

1. Discover

You can't protect critical data and applications if you don't know what data is most sensitive. What you don't know CAN hurt you. Financial information, client data and intellectual property as well as improperly setup data priviledges.

2. Monitor

Keep your data safe with automated monitoring of your systems to keep your security and compliance top notch.

3. Alert

Purchase and use software that will dynamically learn about your system's "normal" behavior and cross reference it with known threats. Then the system needs to deliver those results in a timely manner to your IT professionals for repair if they are needed.

4. Comply

Make sure you know and understand the rules and laws around keeping data secure and your company complies with them.

Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Information security has numerous categories and subdomains, but it is ultimately about protecting “sensitive data”, which is unfortunately very difficult to define

Senstive data can be structurally grouped or defined in set workflows, personally identifiable or corporately valuabe, time sensitive or eternally sacred.

Avantgarde Partners has a developed a practice on discovering, classifying and controlling sensitive data through a data relevance lifecycle.

Signs You Need Assistance:

  • Data protection tools still in learning or passive mode
  • You solution frequently crashes or runs slowly
  • Blocking Mode negatively impacts the business
  • Lack of confidence in your security solutions
  • Your team lacks the resources to effectively operationalize your data protection programs.

Operational Services

Provide operational expertise of complex security technologies delivered as fully managed programs for private, public and hybrid clouds.

Tactical Services

Provide deliverable based consulting services to areas of information security and regulatory compliance.

Advisory Service

Provide strategic advisory services to the broad information security community through our network of advisors and consultants.

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