The Joy of Falling Back

One of the happiest times of the year (by 97% of the population) is one that gets barely any excitement or anticipation. Some gratefully sleep through it, some simply extend their night of debauchery, while others derive an entirely new activity for the hour gained. Yes, that marvelous gift of 60 extra minutes on an autumn Sunday is a subtle, but welcome prize (the annoyance, however, of changing the hours on clocks should more or less disappear in a few years). It is rare to find the individual that would not rather have an hour available to their disposal vs. not.

Time is like integrity or courage or empathy. It is vast, but finite and fleeting: a precious commodity. Yet, when we have an abundance of it, we are typically not aware or realize the full value of it, until it is lost. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Lost time is never made up again.”

SOC analysts and managers alike struggle with an apparent lack of time, or an increasing number of tasks in the same allotment of it. Most analysts feel that they are in a constant fire-fighting mode, whereas their managers are in an infinite loop of training analysts for 6–9 months, only to have them leave for a 15–20% raise at the end of that cycle. Identifying just 60 minutes out their day is as Sisyphean a task as squeezing blood out of a rock, but there is hope.

What would you do with that extra hour if it was found on a consistent basis?

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