Creating Intelligence with Response Orchestration

The issue with traditional MSSPs is that they simply generate alerts. And many of them. Although they often meet certain compliance requirements, the utility of the large, centralized managed security services providers to detect and respond to advanced threats is vastly diminishing. Not only are different log sources required for richer correlations to create better alerts, but feedback of data contained in those alerts provide intelligence for humans to make better decisions.

Avantgarde Partners' Orchestrated Response & Intelligence services help analysts respond to more alerts by enriching them with threat intelligence and other anecdotal information, which ultimately prioritizes those that require more human analysis to the top of the queue. Additional services The goal of response orchestration is not just to automatically execute a service, which does bring speed to the overall system, but also to provide consistency and an opportunity to iterate and continually optimize those processes as factors change over time.

Avantgarde Partners has taken a unique look at where the bottlenecks are within security process in most organizations. How many times a day is an analyst responding to a multiple failed login attempts alert? Or what if all password reset requests were validated by a second form of communication by the end-user? Our End-User Activity Verification services remove the more mundane tasks that an analyst is obliged to respond to that drains focus and concentration from valuable resources. By using eMail, Slack, or text messages, security operations teams can handle certain incidents by directly interacting with the end user for confirmation on activity. The system essentially sends out-of-band inquiries to end-users asking to verify their activity.


The inverse of those security functions is to have the system respond to questions sent by end-users on their security posture. For example, an end user can communicate to the system to obtain the confidence score of a file or URL to determine if it's safe or even request validation from a system to determine if a specific form asking for SSN was actually sent from HR and is not a phishing attack. Our Self Service Security services not only empowers these users with information that they are specifically requesting, but also services as a behavioral training ground that can even be gamified through clever enforcement models.

Security automation and orchestration are definitely current marketing buzzwords, but they should have some hype associated with them. The transformative power of these services is that they remove the mundane and tap into the potential of incident responders to give them a fighting chance in this assymetrical war of information security.

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