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Keeping Your Web Applications Secure

The biggest issue with web application firewalls (WAFs) is not the technology, but the management of them.

The only thing rivaling the complexity of managing the WAF is the scarcity of capable resources. To effectively manage a WAF, an engineer needs to be a network engineer, systems engineer, security professional, application penetration tester and regulatory compliance expert.

Signs You Need Assistance:

  • WAF still in learning or passive mode
  • Your WAF frequently crashes or runs slowly
  • Blocking Mode negatively impacts your business
  • Lack of confidence in your WAF
  • Your team lacks the resources and/or skills to resolve the above issues

Operational Services

Provide operational expertise of complex security technologies delivered as fully managed programs for private, public and hybrid clouds.

Tactical Services

Provide deliverable based consulting services to areas of information security and regulatory compliance.

Advisory Service

Provide strategic advisory services to the broad information security community through our network of advisors and consultants.

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Power to Perform
Power to Perform

Within one week of contacting Avantgarde Partners, our WAF was converted to blocking mode, making it incredibly effective!

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